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14 Social Proof Techniques to Increase Your Sales

There are many ways to increase the sales of your business. One of the best tricks is to use Social Proof to increase your sales turnover.

Well, this article specifically discusses in more detail what Social Proof is along with examples of strategies to increase sales using this social proof.

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is a social condition that occurs when a person makes a decision to do something because that person already knows in advance that many other people have made similar decisions.

When someone does something because it is influenced by the existence of social proof, this person does something because he has seen or heard that other people have done the same thing first.

Remember, basically, every human being wants something that has a definite end result. Your customer expects himself not to be deceived by your sales, hoping for a low price, good product quality, and so on. This is where this social proof trick comes in handy to convince your prospective buyers that they will get what you promised them.

How Does Social Proof Work?

Basically everyone is happy with certainty. Social proof offers this certainty psychologically to your prospective buyers.

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Through social proof, you seem to show that if many people have bought and used the products you are selling, then your other prospective buyers don't need to be afraid and hesitate anymore to buy your product.

Social proof acts as a tool that serves to increase sales conversions.

In the marketing stage, after you introduce your product to potential buyers, the next step is that you have to convince them so that they ultimately choose to buy your product over your competitors' products.

The process of a prospective buyer becoming a buyer of your sales product is called the sales conversion process.

It is at this stage that social proof is used by many marketing people to get prospective buyers who were initially only interested and then convinced to buy the product being offered.

You can apply this selling technique using social proof in sales promotions in your offline business or online business that you have.

14 Social Proof Techniques to Increase Your Sales

People tend to buy not solely because of the quality or price of the product, but more because of recommendations from friends, relatives, or figures they idolize.

These recommendations can be direct or indirect.

This 14 social proof techniques that will increase your sales and leads funnel by write down the number of customers as part of your promotion
Direct recommendations, for example, if a friend of yours recommends a good product to you.

Meanwhile, indirect recommendations are usually in the form of recommendations that arise because a product or company has received certain awards from certain agencies. Examples are awards from governments, international awards, and others.

By taking advantage of recommendations (be it direct or indirect), you can increase the conversion value of your business sales.

There are at least 14 types of social proof that you can use to increase your business sales turnover.

# 1: Consumer Testimonials

Consumer testimonials are a type of social proof that is most often used as a means of convincing potential buyers by many business people.

The best testimonials are often those that your customers voluntarily give.

However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't ask your customers for testimonials if no one has ever provided testimonials to you.

You can capture these testimonials from your business social media accounts, comment on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and others.

# 2: Endorsement of Celebrities or Famous People

Endorsements carried out by celebrities or well-known figures have proven to be able to greatly influence fans of these celebrities or figures to join in buying the endorsed products.

Currently, there are many celebrity artists who offer product endorsement services. You can take advantage of this if you have a little more funds for marketing your product.

On social media Instagram, these celebrities are known as celebrities.

# 3: Case Studies

Not the least, for certain types of products, case studies are used as a means of social proof used to convince potential buyers.

People who are really interested in buying this product will be greatly helped by this case study to determine whether the product can really solve their problem or not.

# 4: Media Coverage

If your business has been covered by media, be it print or electronic media, you should save the results of that coverage so you can use it as part of your promotion.

If the coverage comes from online media, then you can include a link (link) to the coverage on your website or online promotional media.

# 5: Certification and Bagde

Certification carried out by a trusted institution appointed by the government or already recognized by the community can greatly boost public confidence in the product or business that is certified.

In online business, there are badges (badges) which usually indicate that a business is trusted.

# 6: Your Customer Identity

Today, many businesses display their clients to be featured on their website as proof that they have served big clients who are already known by the public.

If you have corporate, agency, institutional, or foundation customers that have a logo, you can put their logo as part of the list of clients who are your customers on your website or promotional media.

# 7: Social Share Numbers

This social share figure is often used by some business people to show that their business or product is well known and has become viral in the community.

By sharing the number of social shares, it is hoped that prospective buyers will be more confident because there are already many people who know and comment or share posts about the product or business through their social media.

# 8: Number of Consumers

How many customers have used the products you sell?

If you have total purchase data and total customer data, you can write down the number of customers as part of your product sales promotion.

You can also announce a certain number as the achievement of your number of subscribers, for example in the numbers 1000, 10,000, or one million users.

Specific numbers will attract potential buyers more than less specific words such as: many, thousands, and so on.

# 9: Ratings & Reviews

These ratings and reviews are generally used in the assessment of an online store or in a marketplace such as Walmart, target, and others.

Ratings are usually written in numbers that reflect the quality of the online shop's products and services.

Product reviews or reviews are usually in the form of comments and personal opinions of buyers who have purchased the product.

If indeed the product you sell is of good quality and the service you provide is good, usually people who have bought the product from your store will give a good rating and review.

Well, you can make this rating and review a part of your product sales campaign or promotion.

# 10: Score or Rating

If the rating is an assessment given by the buyer directly, then it is different from the score, which is a form of assessment that comes from a certain company or agency.

Some companies or agencies have their own rating systems for the products or services reviewed.

For example, Tripadvisor gives ratings to certain cultural sites, tourist attractions or eating places worth visiting.

If there is a company that gives a good score for your product or business, please make that score a part of your promotion.

# 11: Best Seller

Writing or giving a Best Seller predicate to one of your products will increase the number of conversions for that product compared to other products.

If the products you sell are of many types, then it's a good idea to pin this best seller status to one of the superior products. The goal is to make it easier for potential buyers to choose products that are suitable for them.

# 12: Order Quantity

In addition to the number of buyers, you can use the total number of orders that you have served during a certain period of time to attract potential buyers.

# 13: Popular Product List

Similar to pinning best seller status to products, making a list of products that are often purchased and quite popular with your customers is one way to help prospective buyers who are confused in making choices.

You can include a list of popular products as part of your sales promotion.

# 14: Consumer Success Stories

Every now and then if you have customers who are really helped by the presence of the products you sell, you can ask them to tell their life success stories related to the use of your product.

By presenting these success stories in story form, you are trying to touch the emotional side of your prospective buyers. How your product can change the lives of your customers and how their lives will be better after using your product.

Thus, 14 types of social proof techniques that you can use to increase the sales turnover of your business.

Practice one or a combination of these social proof techniques so that there is a significant increase in turnover for your business.

Test one by one which technique is the most generating high conversion rates for your business.

Remember, don't force using one of the social proof techniques if the value is low. For example, the rating and review of one of your products is not good enough. Don't push yourself and use it as part of your sales pitch.

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