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How to Make A Passive Income

Still Stay at Home? Let's Learn
How To Make A Passive Income
During at Home with Your Family

SPOTmify make money with 2 passive income ideas during covid19 pandemic


How To Make A Passive Income
During at Home with Your Family

So how do you make money while you sleep? The good news is that you don't have to reinvent the wheel with passive income ideas, and you have tons of free educational resources to help you learn how to create one.



But let's get it straight - most passive income takes a lot of effort to set up. There are few ways to make serious money without effort. But THERE are lots of ways to make a LOT of money over time by putting in the effort up front.



Yes, it takes effort and initial money to start building passive income. Money investing, time investing, and for the most part passive income streams, both! But over time, as you accumulate multiple passive streams, your income starts to skyrocket. With each new investment, you will see more money coming in each month.



Finally, your passive income stream generates enough money to cover your expenses. At that point, you have reached financial independence: you no longer depend on a 9-5 job for a living. You can retire in your 30s or wait until your 80s.



So how do you start investing all the money you save? What are your options for passive income investing?



The following passive income ideas run the gamut from easy to difficult, low return to high, high risk to low. As you peruse the list, pick two or three that interest you. Don't try to invest more than that for now - most of these passive income investments have a learning curve, and if you bite more than two or three you'll find yourself having too many things to chew on.



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