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Passive Income Ideas Affiliate Marketing

What is the Better
Passive Income Ideas Affiliate Marketing Program
for You in Online Businesses?

SPOTmify make money with 2 passive income ideas during covid19 pandemic


Passive Income Ideas Affiliate Marketing Program
That Are Better for You

Imagine this: You are on vacation in Honolulu with your family. Regardless of the world, you enjoy the most beautiful beaches, beautiful locations and different cultural attractions in the state. Now, time to go home. In a normal scenario, your bank account will incur huge losses upon your return (unless you've been earning passive income with affiliate marketing). What if we told you that instead of taking a hit, your financial situation could improve even after such an exorbitant vacation?


Sounds too good to be true, right?


Affiliate Marketing - Hope You Get Recurring Income For A Lifetime

No matter how absurd you may find the above idea, it is made possible through affiliate marketing. The digital marketing model works on revenue sharing. Affiliate marketers sell other entities' products or services and earn a commission on the number of sales they make.


If done effectively, affiliate marketing can allow you to have a steady stream of passive income. You will find thousands of blogs online that promote affiliate marketing as a get rich easy scheme - which is too far from the truth.


Dedication and hard work are essential to achieving success in affiliate marketing. From finding the right product to maintaining a blog, there's a lot of work to be done.


Your ability to earn profits as an affiliate depends largely on the affiliate marketing program you choose to work with. Whether you want something that is one-time or recurring, your affiliate marketing success depends entirely on the program's earning schedule, the payouts and how much time you are willing to invest in promoting the program:

  • One-Time Commission Model
  • Recurring Commission Model.



One-Time Commission Model

This is a simple model. The more referrals you get, the higher the commission you get. In order for you to get a commission, you must promote the product to potential customers of your audience through online media. That's because affiliate marketing programs operate with referral URL links. When a potential customer buys a product that you are promoting through one of your media, you earn income.



Who Should Choose a Recurring Affiliate Program?

There's nothing better than having a steady stream of income every month with little or no effort. It's all about peace of mind that many people crave for.


Recurring affiliate programs are appropriate for people who are freelancing or running businesses. This is a great way to monetize your marketing efforts and increase your monthly income. Here are some of the entities that can benefit greatly from some of the best recurring affiliate programs:




The power of words has never been more pronounced. As a blogger, you are a person who has 'ideas'. Imagine if your love for words and passion for expressing your ideas could be a source of income.


Joining a recurring affiliate program gives bloggers a great opportunity to make money from your blog. These programs can help you earn recurring income when you create high-quality content.


You can partner with one of the platforms that offer recurring affiliate programs. They are usually subscription based services. A good approach is to try the service for yourself first - some companies may even be willing to give you a free trial.


Learn everything you can about this service and then write honest yet strategic content to convince your readers and turn them into potential prospects.


Make sure the services you support are of high quality. In the recurring commission model, you won't get much benefit if the customer unsubscribes after using the service for a short time.



Freelancers / Developers

If you're a freelancer, you already know the unpredictable nature of income. Your income as a freelancer depends on your time. The more time you spend should equate to the more you will get. This is why having recurring income can be an important factor for your financial growth.


For example, suppose you are a developer recently developing a client website. You think it's one of your greatest works and the client is really impressed. This would be an excellent time for you to offer them third party website maintenance services. You partner with this company through their recurring affiliate program. As long as your happy clients stay with them, you get a steady stream of passive income.



Digital Agent

Digital agencies usually have a lot on their plate. Not only that, there was so much competition that they didn't seem like they had room to breathe.


Taking a smarter approach, you can turn your existing customers into a source of recurring income. Here's how to do it:


Suppose you are using a reliable web hosting service for your own digital agency. You know that the web hosting provider is reliable. Confident that the web hosting company will always provide, you can recommend the company to your existing customers - customers who may already be using your services, for example social media marketing. The web hosting company continues to pay you a commission until the customer stays with them.


Imagine recurring income if you could do the same with many of your customers.



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